Thursday, May 8, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

No matter how grizzly the afternoon has been, seems that when Derrick walks in the door home from work, Maeghan turns into a happy giggling little baby. She is physically getting much stronger & loves to be thrown around a little bit, as long as there's an empty tummy, we don't mind either.

New tricks since last time? Ummm... she's really trying to move about now. Maeghan will quite happily throw herself off your lap to reach for something on the floor or the coffee table. Maeghan is just starting to get up on all fours. It's a slightly assisted move, but once there, she's now strong enough to hold the position. Another assisted move is the push along the floor to get something. If I push my hands against the feet, she's now learnt to push back and make a bit of distance.

Maeghan now has two teeth! On the bottom. The first one turned up about 2 weeks ago & the second one came a week later. We had a few rough nights while they were breaking through, but once they were through she was grand.

I'm told by others that Maeghan looks like she has had a growth spurt. Apparently she's really looking older as well. I guess she feels bigger, but I can't tell. I weighed her last week & she was about 9kg, so she's certainly not going hungry.

This sunday is our first Mother's Day. Derrick needed a gentle prod to remind him & then a few not so subtle hints to point him in the right direction for what Maeghan might be able to get me.

By the way, Happy 30th Pamela!!!

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