Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ANZAC day weekend

We're now on the other side of the Anzac day long weekend. Every year we have a public holiday to commemorate those that have served for Australia. Since being united with his old Army unit several years ago, Dad has become an active participant in the Vietnam Veterans association and as such had decided this year to march in the Anzac Day Parade.

Dad was very excited. He's a proud veteran & Anzac Day is good opportunity for all the boys to get back together for a chat and a beer after the parade.

Although the weather has been a bit dodgy lately, we all made the trip into the city to cheer on Dad. The parade goes on for hours. I don't think there are any WWI veterans left, but there are still a few WWII diggers around, with plenty of other wars fought between then & now. Although the parade started at 9am, Dad didn't march past until after 12pm. As such, we had to find ways to amuse the kids. With Isaac, this means drip feeding him treats in between chasing him up & down the footpath.

Eventually Dad's Battalion marched past. We all waved our flags, cheered and then high-tailed it to Pitt St for lunch and a spot of shopping. It's not a great photo, but he is tucked in there on the side.

By the way, Happy 14th Birthday Shauna for last week & Martin for the 5th this week.

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