Monday, April 14, 2008

Runny Noses & Family Celebrations

Well it's been hectic the last week or two. Though on the mend now, Maeghan has been dosed with a cold, getting tummy aches from the expanding diet and to top that off - teething as well. Amongst all of these complaints, we've had various family social activities to attend. The first of those was the wedding of my cousin Daniel.

Being a Chinese wedding the ceremony started earlier in the day to allow time for all of the rituals that needed to occur throughout the day. Thankfully we didn't have to attend all of them, but it did involve several outfits for the day. Here is Maeghan dressed for the morning, her cheeks are all rosy from the teething & her nose is all red from the cold.

My Grandmother loves the opportunity to cuddle with the great-grandkids.
This photo was taken at the reception. Maeghan was only awake for the first hour or so, but it was long enough to show her off in her cute little Chinese dress that was given to her at her Christening.

The second big family event was the annual celebration of Chinese Easter at Rookwood cemetry. It's Chinese tradition where the whole family pays their respects to our ancestors. All the graves are cleaned up and decorated with flowers & food. We all sit around folding up gold paper into little bullion shaped bundles, which then get burnt to provide our relatives with their yearly allowance. These days, they also get cardboard mobile phones, shoes & a new suit or two. We all take turns to 'chin chin' and pour wine as a drink offering. Here is Dad is taking Maeghan through the routine. Afterwards, we have a great feast of roast duck, suckling pig and dumplings. It's really a great day. I'd love to think that in years to come, my decendants would celebrate my life in the same way.

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