Friday, April 4, 2008

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Every year at Easter, Sydney plays host to the Sydney Royal Easter show. It started years ago as a way of bringing the country to the city. They run all sorts of "Best in Show" competitions ranging from cows, pigs, fruit cakes etc... They also have loads of rides, concerts, exhibitions and show bags. It's a massive event.

This year we took the kids in for the day. I also went on a separate day with Podger where we were competing in the Agility Dog trials.

The nursery farm is always packed with kids and not just the animal kind (he he he), so we started there first. Elissa enjoyed chasing after anything fluffy & wanted to know if was okay to touch it. I'm pretty sure that most of the animals in there had to go through some sort of temperament test to check it's tolerance at being poked, prodded, pulled & yanked from the thousands of toddlers over the two week period. I have no idea what Isaac was up to... Susanne had her hands full chasing after him. Maeghan was happy on my Mum's lap. With a little cup of food, all the animals were happy to do the drive through option with Mum & Maeghan sitting on the hay bale.

After a painful 1/2 hour sitting through the Dora the Explorer show (I'm sure that we're not the only ones in the world exposed to this rubbish) we then attempted to bribe the kids with a bag of fairy floss while we had a look through the arts & craft pavilion. I think we managed about 30 minutes before they got bored.

I think one of my favourite displays every year is the District Exhibits, showcasing the farming efforts of the different regions around NSW. My explanation to Elissa, as a way of getting her excited about what we were about to see was that we would see giant pictures made out of fruit & vegies. Well, it's more impressive in real life. Anyway, this was my favourite display this year.

It's hard to describe how major this show is every year, though as a kid, I remember as being much bigger than is probably is. We managed to get through the day and hopefully, won't need to take the kids back for another few years.

Then it was Podgers turn. The dog agility trials were being run a few days later so with Maeghan spending the day at Nanny & Poppy's house, myself & Podger made the trek back into the show to exhibit our 'skills'. It certainly wasn't best run we've ever had, but it was a great day. Unfortunately for us, the show dogs had been in that ring all week so there was loads of food & other interesting doggy smells going around. I think there were people in the crowd that actually laughed at us when Podger stopped for a sniff. Well, if you can't win, you might as well get a few laughs along the way.

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