Sunday, June 1, 2008

The latest news...

I must admit, I'm getting a bit slack with keeping the blog up to date. The weeks are just flying & I can't believe it's June already. Most of our days are fairly routine, it's easier that way. We have a nice little network of Mum's & bub's that we meet up with reasonably regularly. I'm back at work a few days a week now, so I'm going to blame the extra workload for my slackness at keeping the blog up to date.

Maeghan is getting big. I don't mean to repeat myself every blog, but there's a reoccurring theme here. It is inevitable that each week, growth is her biggest achievement. Vocally she's starting to develop a bit more. I'd like to say that she's starting to say 'Mum' now, but I think it's just a bit of a coincidence. She's getting her "mmm's" going and then it's usually followed by a whinge, which sort of sounds like she's saying 'Muuummmm'. I keep trying to teach her to say 'dadadada' when she's whinging and 'mum-mum-mum' when she's happy. It's all quite theoretical though - she's not really saying anything decipherable - it's all just a bit of noise at this stage.

In the photo above, she's enjoying the staple Australian breakfast of choice, Vegemite on toast. This is usually quite messy, but delicious all the same. As much of a pain that it is, I have started to let her have some finger food from time to time. The dogs are very good at coming in and cleaning up the mess afterwards.

She's got the waving thing happening now as well. It's not quite on cue, but in the right mood, she does know what it means when we ask her to wave. We're teaching her some Irish as well. Along with the wave, we've been saying 'Hiya, Hiya'. Maybe that will be her first real words. The actions used for waving also doubles up for splashing in the bath, just a different context.

We had a swimming lesson last week, which she loved, but there was lots of splashing involved there as well. It's pretty cool actually, by the end of the class, Maeghan was happy to do an assisted jump off the side of the pool & dunk her head almost fully under the water. I'll probably try to keep getting to the local pool every few weeks, just to keep the water confidence up so that when summer comes around she's ready to start enjoying our backyard pool again.

There's no crawling yet. Maeghan has just started to move from the sitting position & reach forward to the crawl position, but she's not actually mobile yet. I'm happy with that, at least I don't have to start chasing her around or keep the floors too clean yet.

That's about all the news for this week. We have a long weekend next weekend, so we're going to head down to Canberra for the weekend. I'm sure there'll be some more exciting news to write about then.

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