Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend projects.

What's going on these days... well, we've been quite busy with the usual weekend projects. It's 8.30pm on a Monday night and Derrick is currently up in the roof finishing off his weekend task of insulating the roof. We put up with a cold house last winter, but decided we were not going to go through the annoyance again this year. My little weekend project was completed at 4.30pm yesterday afternoon, thanks to the assistance of my Dad. I spent saturday afternoon digging up a corner of the garden to plant a vegie patch. As soon as Dad got a whiff of my efforts he turned up on Sunday with a load of dirt in the ute and thankfully helped me turn my patch of upturned lawn into a garden. So far I've planted various forms of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, broccolini, rocket and wombok(Chinese cabbage). The only thing left to plant is some rhubarb. Now the survival of the garden is purely based on my ability to keep the dogs at bay.

Maeghan is doing really well. She is getting quite mobile these days and is getting quite good at moving in every direction except forward. She's getting up on all fours, doing 360's on the floor, pushing backwards and getting incredibly frustrated that she just can't get everything that she wants to. The above photo is Maeghan's effort at crawling. The arms and legs are working hard, but she's just not going anywhere.

We had a real mother/daughter moment last friday with both of us at the hairdressers together. Maeghan had her first professional haircut. It was starting to look really scraggley as there were all the really long original bits sticking up all over the place. This was just a tidy up and now it can start to grow a little bit neater. This photo in the bath is pre-haircut.

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