Monday, July 14, 2008

Maeghan at 9 months

There's not much news to speak of. It's winter, it's a bit cold and generally not our most active time of year. Maeghan has started to crawl a bit. She's not very good at it or particularly fast yet, but at least she's a bit happier these days. She's much less frustrated playing on the floor because at least she can get around a bit more. Given the choice of standing or crawling, she'll take standing anyday. In fact, she's far happier if I help her walk around than leave her on the floor. The only time she will actually actively work on her crawling skills is if I leave the room & let her fend for herself. If I'm in the room, she just wants me to help her stand and walk around. I'm kind-of her launching pad.

The little clip here includes two of Maeghan's favourite past-times at the moment - standing at the coffee table, grabbing at whatever is in reach and blowing raspberries. There's also a little video of her crawling efforts.

Since I've been pretty slack these days I've missed a few birthdays.

Happy 5th Birthday Amber
Happy 2nd Birthday Molly
and Happy Birthday Jenny

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