Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Months and still growing...

Do you like my knee pads?

When did all the thousands of toys in this house suddenly become so uninteresting. When did the remote control, mobile phone, stereo... speck of fluff on the floor and anything that's not supposed to go in the mouth become so appealing. I caught Maeghan in the laundry this week eating the dog's food!!!

What are some of the things Maeghan can do these days? Well, she certainly has a much better understanding of what we say to her now. She loves her books and will go and choose one for us to read to her. There are definitely a few books have a preference over others... and if you are trying to read one to her that is not of interest, it is quickly pushed away with a flap of the arms. We're getting lots of kisses and cuddles now, the teddy gets kisses and cuddles and the dogs will happily lick Maeghan's open mouth as she tries to give them kisses as well... YUCK!

We're having a lot more bumps these days. That happens when the confidence outweighs one's physical ability. Maeghan has started to free stand a little bit as well. Mostly when she's distracted by something else. I think the record is about 20-30 seconds, but usually it's much less than that. The crawling has been getting much better and faster. My kitchen drawers are no longer safe, the dishwasher when I'm trying to unpack it, I've caught her in the bathroom getting into the bottom of the shower... the list goes on. I'll try not to be soooo slack with the blogs, but no promises.

Happy Birthday to Patrick.

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