Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our 1st Father's Day

Well, today is Derrick's first father's day. Maeghan "helped" me write on a card and cook a nice breakfast. We also gave Derrick the day off his weekend chores while I cleaned his car for him... but more on that later. Maeghan was chuffed at getting to play in the mini, it's only marginally bigger than her toy cars inside the house.

Then we were all over at Mum & Dad's for dinner to celebrate Father's day. These day's Maeghan is following and copying everything that Isaac and Elissa do. Isaac is not too keen to share his things just yet, but that doesn't stop Maeghan, the two of them are continuously snatching things back off each other. One of Elissa's favourite games is getting us to 'make' her little people talk. It's insanely hardwork for us, but I figure that I'm also helping to develop her negotiation skills by making her work for my co-operation.

As penance for letting the dogs stay in the back of the mini during an Agility trial yesterday, I spent the morning vacuuming the dog fur out of the car. I might have gotten away with it, except that the dogs also made themselves comfortable on the front seats as well, so there was dog hair everywhere. Gemma's not old enough to trial yet, but Podger made up for it with a bit of success in the ring. He managed to win two of his events, but only after we had an incident on the first run of the day. It had been pouring all morning and when he got to the table, where he's supposed to sit & stay, he decided it was a nice dry spot to do a #2! How embarrassing!! He was disqualified of course.

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