Monday, October 20, 2008

One year on... already!!!

One year old already. Where do I start with a review of the last week. It's been one long week of celebrations that started with the return of Derrick from Ireland. With Derrick's return came a massive bag of presents, just for Maeghan. There were so many cute clothes to put away for Winter next year. She will probably be big enough to wear some of them for our trip back in July next year.

The day of Maeghan's birthday started with the shredding of paper. The paper and the box got a little bit more interest than the toys inside. Besides all the clothes that were brought home from Ireland, she got a Little People stable set, a couple kiddie lounge chairs, dolls, musical instruments... more toys... more clothes... we need a bigger house!!!

We did have a bit of a birthday party for her. It was a "Bee's & Butterfly" party. There were a dozen or so kids there, most of them with wings or antennae on. I have to say... Maeghan looked adorable in her little butterfly outfit. There were a lot of snaps taken, so I'll just put a heap on them on the end of this blog.

Maeghan seriously stood at the table and ate 3 or 4 cupcakes in a row. They were only mini-cupcakes... but still! I think she enjoyed herself. I was quite proud of my first ever birthday cake effort. We didn't stay up too late the night before getting everything ready for the party. Derrick was on balloon duty, Susanne & myself were on the cupcakes.

This used to be a white top. This is the sight of a child that has had a great time at her own birthday party. I've been a bit slack with the blog lately. I will make sure I get another one up soon enough, there are lots of new photos to put up. Derrick is threatening to do a blog on his trip home... might happen. The local news these days... well Maeghan is on the verge of really walking. She's been taking a few steps for a few weeks, but she's now getting a lot more confident. Today she walked about 4 metres. Her preferred mode of transport is still crawling, but I would say within the week she could be really walking. She's actually launching herself into a walk and then when she falls, she just continues in a crawl.

We have a few 'words', if you know what she is trying to say. She will sort of say 'hello'... which sort of sounds like 'woe'. She says this as she holds the phone to her chest? She will say 'bye' and 'ta' and 'dat?'... I'm sure in her mind, she is saying a lot more... we just haven't quite translated them yet.

We're really excited about the trip back to Ireland next year. Have been looking at all the flight details. We will hopefully be over for about a month, so it should be plenty of time to catch up with everyone. BTW... Congratulations to Jenny & Paul, we're very excited for you!
Thanks to everyone that sent gifts home to Maeghan.

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