Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Walking and getting into stuff!

Well Maeghan is now walking. Although she had been taking steps for a little while, I would say that she really starting walking about a week or so after her birthday. Now, there's no stopping her. She's a very busy little beaver these days. Lots of things to pick up and move to somewhere else. The magnets on the fridge are a popular attraction. She's quite partial to the dog food in the laundry as well. Now that she's worked out how to get the lid off the bucket, it's not uncommon for me to catch her in the laundry playing with the dog food. I must get better at shutting doors behind me.

We are getting very excited about heading back to Ireland next year. We booked our flights on the weekend so it's official, we can start counting down the days till we get back.

We had a few uninvited guests in our pool last week. I found a few ducks swimming around back there. They were lucky that the dogs aren't big water fans otherwise they might have had a pretty short swim. I thought it was really cute until the next morning when I found a few deposits they left on the side of the pool.

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