Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of another busy weekend...

Another sunday night sitting on the couch by myself, watching the finale of 'So you think you can dance'. Instead of sitting out on the deck, this week, Derrick is out in the garage, rearranging his tools and once again listening to talk back radio. At least I have the dogs to keep me company.

This week we celebrated Derrick's birthday with chilli con carne, black forest gateau cake and a bottle of red wine. Maeghan had a great time blowing out the candles & we had to re-light them about 4-5 times before she was happy. She was so funny, I think she thought we were singing Happy Birthday to her. Not long after we'd finished the cake, little Molly called us for a chat. She was so cute, all I could hear was a little 'Hi Ya' down the phone line. Maeghan had a little chat to Granny, though she is still a little shy on the phone.

This weekend we also finished a project that has been a long time in the works. Several months ago I painted the blackboard, this weekend Derrick finally had time to put it up and Maeghan loves it. It's really cool actually. It's quite big so in theory there should be plenty of room for the various kids that visit to draw. In reality, they will probably all want to draw in the same spot.

These are all of her own drawings. She's quite talented actually. Very advanced for her age.
Here are a few photos from Easter. We went up the coast to Umina for the Easter break. This week the weather has just started to turn cooler, but over Easter, the weather was fantastic. It was even warm enough for a swim.

BTW - Happy Birthday Martin for the 5th.

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