Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our weekend activities...

Well, it's Sunday night here in Sydney & I'm sitting on the couch with the laptop, writing a blog (duh!) drinking a glass of wine and watching 'So you think you can dance'. Derrick is turning into an old man. He's outside on the deck, listening to talk back radio with a glass of wine & a bag of chips

Today we met some of Maeghan's little friends from our mother's groups at a local park for an Easter Egg hunt. Let me tell you, that girl was on a mission and can sniff out chocolate from under every rock. She was racing around checking under all the trees and taking the eggs out from under the nose of all the other kids. She had so many eggs in her little basket, she could barely carry it. I couldn't have been prouder ... he he he.

I've said this before, but she is growing up so quickly. We had our weekly swimming lesson this morning and she's going really well. She's jumping in the water now, swimming underwater and holding her breath for a few seconds. They make the lessons really fun, with lots of singing and actions around splashing and kicking. Maeghan loves her singing and action songs, so she gets right into it. Today she was promoted to the Advanced Aquatots class, which is just an extension of the skills she has been learning already.

I know all kids go through this, but she is seriously one little miss... I know what I want, when I want it, and don't try to make me do something I don't want to do! There is also one seriously stubborn streak going on in there. This afternoon, we had a 5 minute stand-off as I tried to get her to put some rubbish in the bin. Cheeky thing was deliberately missing the bin, I would make her pick it up again, she would hover the wrapper over the bin and then drop it off to the side. I had to try to not laugh - it was pretty funny - but sooooo cheeky.

Her favourite things at the moment include - listening to her playschool music and doing all the actions, tea parties with her teddy bears, drawing, drawing and more drawing and climbing into her arm chair and reading to herself. I've attached a little clip of her in her bedroom. There's a line in this book that says... 4 boys howling ... yow eeeee owwww. That's what she's reading to herself. She also takes the time halfway through to 'shhh' Podger from barking.

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