Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elissa's 5th Birthday Party

Last friday afternoon, after school was out for the day, Elissa celebrated her 5th Birthday along with all the kids from her class at school. Talk about chaos. Twenty 5 year olds running riot at the local playground.

The birthday cake was a great idea, until we tried to move it. All the little ice-cream cones just toppled over and there was nothing we could to fix it. Despite frantically trying to tape the whole lot back together, our options were quite limited down at the park. Luckily Susanne had a spare set of cakes standing upright in a container and no-one knew the difference. Maeghan did not hold back at all when getting stuck into her cake. I think she started with a face plant right into the chocolate on the top. That's how I'd love to eat chocolate - no holding back just go for it.

She's getting sooo big now - it's hard to believe how fast she's growing. She's emulating everything the bigger kids do. Including climbing up high on all of the play equipment, which is bit scary given that she still seems to fall over a lot.

Maeghan and her Aunty Shell...

Well, she didn't eat much dinner after all the party food, but she had a good time and that's what birthday party's are ALL about!!!

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