Sunday, March 15, 2009

Haircuts, daddy's boots and flower girl dresses.

Just a few quick photos to add to the blog. Last week I was sick of Maeghan's hair always getting in her eyes that I took her for a hair cut. The other motivation was that she she will no longer sit still long enough for me to pull it back.

The end result is this.... I think it looks pretty cute, though it took me a few days to get used to it.

The following photos are just a few cute ones of Maeghan playing with Derrick's boots. The funny thing about these boots it that when I found her playing with them, Derrick had left them lined up against the wall at the back door. Maeghan was originally standing in them, facing the wall, unable to move because they were so heavy.

This photo was taken just after we opened the package from Jenny. She absolutely LOVED the dress and cried when I took it off her. It's a little bit big at the moment, but we'll make sure it fits perfectly by the time the wedding comes around. The dress is gorgeous and I can't wait to see all the girls together in their dresses.

And finally... just a quick photo of us taken from Michelle's 30th birthday party.

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