Sunday, March 15, 2009

St Paddy's Day 2009

Once again, to celebrate St Paddy's day we caught the train into the city to watch the parade, followed by a picnic in Hyde Park with the thousands of other Irish ex-pats from around Sydney. The parade itself was much the same as last year and Maeghan had more fun running up and down the sidewalk than actually watching the parade. My favourite again was the big Irish wolfhounds. Derrick's favourite was the Guinness beer that he got to enjoy at the end of the parade.

After the parade has finish, everyone congregates up in Hyde park where they have Irish bands and dancers, amongst various other forms of entertainment. The place gets mobbed with people representing all areas of Ireland and most people proudly show their county jersey. We met a few of Derrick's friends for a quick catch-up, though I spent most of the time chasing Maeghan around.

Maeghan had a ball. She developed her own version of Irish dancing and didn't seem at all interested in dancing for the camera. I tried to get a little bit of footage, but she wasn't really cooperating for me. The dance is more of a stomp, stomp, shake, shake type of style really. It was a long day, but good fun and we had one very tired little girl by the end of it.

PS. Happy Birthday Peter.

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