Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shoes, bags and attitude.

There are new obsessions in our household at the moment. Shoes, bags, babies, jewellery... and I'm not talking about me (or Derrick, maybe Derrick, but not when I'm around). It must be genetic programming because I'm sure I'm not that bad. Surely she's not role modelling off me!!!

The play routine these days usually involve lots of drawing, walking around in anyone else's shoes besides her own, pushing the little pram around the house and stomping like a dinosaur. Oh yeah - and she loves checking herself out in the mirror. Maeghan is really into her action songs at the moment as well and I usually have to repeat them over and over again. The really great thing about this is that they get stuck in my head ALL DAY. Funny thing is, Derrick was saying he did a 10km run the other day with 'I'm a little tea pot' going over and over in his head throughout the entire run. We're all suffering at the moment.

This photo is a few weeks old, but it was taken on the ferry to Darling Harbour with Pat and Stephen when they were in Sydney for a quick visit.

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