Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 weeks today

Hard to believe that 8 weeks have passed already since Maeghan came into the world. We've seen lots of the usual progress in babies of this age. Can't really say that we've got a child genius on our hands, but she generally seems to be a happy little baby.

The main things we've noticed lately is that Maeghan is starting to 'talk' back to us, she is much more responsive to our voice and smiling back at us as we talk to her. She is definitely getting much stronger and can pretty much hold her head up most of the time, though it still has it's floppy moments. The other cool thing is that she's learning that her arms & legs do 'stuff'. They are flailling around a lot more and randomly hitting toys that I put in her general direction. Won't be long before she's hitting things with a little bit more intent.

As I said once before, these videos aren't all that action packed, but I have fun playing with them so anyone else that may interested can take 30 sec out of their day to see my little baby fling her arms around. You can almost see the brain ticking over as she works out that her arms might actually come in handy for something.

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