Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our first Santa experience

There's going to be a lot of firsts for little Maeghan over the next few years, but one of them had to be our first Santa photo. I'd say this might be the easiest Santa photo we'll have to worry about for the next few years, after this one, Santa might just be an old scary man in a red suit.

Of course Mum wanted a Santa photo taken with all the grandkids & by chance we happened to be out shopping with all the kids in coordinating outfits. So much for easing the kids into the whole Santa concept, first week that Santa appears in the shops, we had to have the photos taken. Elissa was a bit apprehensive but we told her that Maeghan needed her to hold her hand so she wouldn't be scared. At least she didn't have to sit on the scary man's lap. Isaac was not keen at all. You would barely notice that he's sitting on Susanne's lap, which is covered in a red blanket. Oh well, this is the first of many Santa photo's.

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