Monday, December 31, 2007

Busy busy times...

Well, it's been a busy few weeks. We've had the usual hectic lead up to Christmas plus a few extra special events. First there was Dad's 60th birthday party. Then we had the arrival of some very excited grandparents all the way from Ireland. Christmas came a few day's later and now we are on the eve of another new year. The camera has been getting a good ole workout in the midst of all this activity. Where do we start?

The arrival of Granny & Grandad was met with much anticipation. Derrick slept restlessly the night before their arrival & actually heard Maeghan's baby noises through the night. After an early departure for the airport, I was a little surprised to get a phone call from Peter at the airport looking for Derrick. Apparently there is more than one arrival gate and typical that the one that Derrick was waiting at, was not the right one. They obviously found each other and despite the shaky start, they made it back to the house in once piece.

The greeting that Granny gave Maeghan was fantastic and nearly brought me to tears. We had much to catch-up on and while Annete & myself caught up on all the gos, Derrick & his Dad were out checking out the mini. I think that the mini got a run around the block within the first hour of arriving from the airport!

Anyway, after struggling through the jetlag on the first day, there was no time to waste, it was into the city for a bit of shopping and a refresher on the city's highlights. On the sunday, we spent the day perusing through the Rock's markets followed by a trip up the Bridge's south tower for view of the city.

So far everything has been going according to script. The weather has been perfect.. not too hot, but the sun has been out giving everyone the prerequest red noses and strap marks to prove to everyone back home what they are missing out on in the depths of an Irish winter. Maeghan has been on her best behaviour and has been sleeping right through the night, smiling on cue and generally winning the hearts of her favourite Irish grandparents.

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