Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A sunny Christmas!!!

Do we have enough shade? Is the pool clean? I hope it's not TOO hot! These were our concerns leading up to Christmas day. Our first Christmas in the new house & our first Christmas with baby Maeghan. We obviously wanted everything to be just right. For some reason, our Irish visitors were having a hard time believing that it was Christmas time. Was it the lack of sleet or icy roads? Was it the long hot days? Or maybe just the sun, which I think only comes out in Ireland 5 days every 2 years. Regardless, the Christmas lights were on and Santa was booked in to drop a load of pressies into our little house, with 98% of them marked with Maeghan's name.

Everyone must have been good this year because Santa certainly left a big load of pressies. He must have gotten confused, because he also left some for Elissa, Isaac and the rest of the gang. In fact, even the dogs got a gift. Santa must have his beer goggles on because the dogs definitely have their naughty moments.

After a marathon effort opening all the presents, we all sat down for our traditional Christmas lunch. Ham, roast pork, chicken and roast vegies. Appalled that we don't normally have turkey, Derrick bought a turkey and made it his mission to cook the turkey. Under the guidance of his mum, the turkey was cooked and was a hit. I'm not sure who ate it, when asked for a head count, most people were confused and weren't sure if they had the chicken or the turkey. Regardless, it seemed provide us with a good few days of turkey and mustard sandwiches. To add a touch of the Irish Christmas, they even managed to sneak some brussel sprouts onto the table. I'm pretty sure that there were only 3 people at the table that touched the sprouts.

I don't think it matters where in the world you have Christmas, the day ended with the typical Christmas tradition of crashing out on the couch feeling full, bloated and a little bit under the weather. Of course we ended the day with turkey sandwiches, or in my case, a roast pork sandwich.

Of course, as our day was ending, the Irish Christmas day was just getting started. Technology can be a good thing. It certainly shortens the distance between people. After several attempts, we did manage a video hook up with the family in Ireland, though it was a day late & everyone was a little bit tired and emotional after the late night celebrations.

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