Monday, January 21, 2008

Learning to do 'stuff'

The changes are happening before our eyes. Everyday Maeghan is getting bigger and stronger and learning how to do more and more. I think her cheeks are getting chubbier by the day and the rolls in her legs multiplying at an equally rapid rate. We're getting the occasional chuckle and her chatter noises are becoming more varied. Her eyes are still blue-ish grey colour and although the hair is still dark, the eyebrows seem to getting a bit lighter.

Here is a clip of Maeghan playing with her book, trying to get it up to her mouth and just learning how to use her hands. You can just see the concentration on her face. This is hard work.

As usual, the cricket is on in the background. She has no choice, she is being conditioned early in life to becoming a future cricket fan.

The Jolly Jumper gets the occasional work-out. She hasn't yet worked out that if she kicks her legs she can bounce, but she seems to enjoy just hanging there.

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