Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pool time

Well, you've seen the unhappy face from our first swimming experience. We've had a fair bit more success since then. The first swim was around mid-November & I reckon the water temperature was in the low 20's back then. Now, after a few weeks of fairly warm weather, today the thermometer in the pool was reading 30o. So it's not such a shock on the system when you get in now. The trick is to gradually splash the water down her back, so when I finally dunk her, she's already mostly wet. Today we had her floating on her back like she's having a bath. She actually starts to kick her legs and relaxes right back into the water. We'll have her doing laps in no time.

We took these photos not long after Christmas when Mum, Michelle, Susanne and her gang came over for a swim one day. It was sort of an impromptu pool party. For once Elissa had plenty of people to play with. The game on this particular day was to try and steal all the noodles from Michelle. As usual, bribery was required to get her out of the pool when the rest of us had had enough for the day.

Elissa sneaks a kiss from Gemma under the table. I could write a whole separate entry on cute kids and puppy moments.

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