Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Day Today..

There are a few events that have already occurred that I will eventually write about, I just thought I'd add a quick blog on our day. Now that things are on their way back to normal, we decided to head out to Ikea to see if we could find some sort of storage system for all of the toys and baby stuff we have accumulated over Christmas. I would like blame Santa for that, except that I think that both sets of Grandparents should take some responsibility. Anyway, we did not get what we were looking for.

We were given this baby seat from my Aunty Margaret and she is now just ready to start using it. She loves it! For a few weeks now she has been quite the little sticky beak and now she can actually sit up to see what is going on. Her stamina is still a little low, but now that the hands are getting a little bit more useful (as useful as wearing boxing gloves), at least she can see more and a few things put into the lap are actually making it up into the mouth.

The following photo is of Derrick & Maeghan chilling out, watching telly together. I don't think it was Antiques Roadshow this time, but it usually is. We also had a play on the jolly jumper, which is kinda a spring type of suspension toy that she hangs in. I'll add a video clip of this another day.

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