Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cute photos

There's no real purpose to this entry apart from putting up a few nice photos of Maeghan and the family.

Maeghan and her Granny

Grandad making a somewhat unsuccessful attempt at waking Maeghan up for her 10pm feed. We put her 'I've got Irish roots' t-shirt on specifically for our web hook-up to Ireland. Not much point really, the resolution probably wasn't good enough to get the whole effect, but we had fun and we don't need much excuse to turn anything into a photo opportunity.
Podger looks on with great intent as Elissa eats her chocolate star on Christmas day. He's a great opportunist. Any crumb that hits the ground usually disappears within microseconds of landing.

I think this is a look of disapproval. I believe it had something to do with Isaac doing something she wasn't too happy about. Podger is still waiting for his opportunity.

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