Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens

Way back on the 9th of January, the last day before the Grandparents returned to Ireland, Dad & myself took Peter & Annette up to the Blue Mountains for the day. After a fairly hectic holiday and the anticipation of a long flight home, we didn't want too big a day, just a nice relaxing drive to enjoy the scenery.

We started with a cruisy drive up through Windsor and Richmond, past the Defence Forces airport and up through Kurrajong where you can hear the Bell birds sing as you start the climb up into the mountains. We did make a quick stop along the way at a bakery in North Richmond to pick up morning tea. There were soooo many good looking cakes, that I had to remind Annette that there were only 4 of us and we really couldn't eat everything. Around about 10am, we found a little roadside park where we could stop for a cup of tea and a few cakes. There was a shop on either side of the road. From where we sat, they just looked like little roadside shops. From the time it took Annette to explore them, you would swear they were major shopping centres. Turns out they sold locally made pottery. Need I say more?

We made it to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. There were plenty of protea's and grevillias & the usual suspects you would expect to find around a botanical garden's. We enjoyed a lovely stroll through the garden's... oh yeah, except for the highly dangerous skink lizards that were basking precariously in the sun along the footpaths. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch up in the restaurant. After ordering our slightly modified steak sandwiches, each customised to our own personal preferences, we sat back to relax after a hard morning's walk. I hate to be high maintenance, but we couldn't help but to send our sandwiches back to the kitchen when they arrived minus the steaks. They got everything else right. Overall, we did have a great day out.

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