Tuesday, February 5, 2008

6-pack or Muffin Top?

Well, 16 weeks today and baby Maeghan is steadily growing bigger and stronger everyday. Okay, most people who have kids would be familar with the changes that babies go through as they develop, but we're really enjoying the learning experience and we get a real buzz everytime we see something new. This week's new thing is her learning that not only do her hands do stuff, she can actually control her legs too! She is very deliberately moving the legs, kicking toys and just generally putting a few more of the pieces together.

Here are just a few nice photos that we've taken over the last few days. As you can probably tell, there is no shortage of photos, the hard part is deciding which photos make the cut and make it onto the blog.

I've realised that there are very few photos of Maeghan & myself. I've spent most of my time behind the camera and not in front of it. The only way to fix it was to turn the camera on myself & take it myself. The legs are getting stronger and lot more of the daily activities need to be spent upright. We get a whole lot of attitude if Maeghan is not sitting up to see what is going on. This is especially a problem at dinner time. The struggle I go through getting her to turn her head away from the action to have her dinner!!! Despite this, as you can tell, she's not going hungry. Maeghan is now a healthy 7kg.

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