Saturday, February 23, 2008

A quick update

It's been a couple of weeks since I've added a post so I thought I'd just put a quick update on. There's no real news to speak of. We've been up to the usual stuff, playing, eating, sleeping, pooing & spewing. Lots of spewing! Usually on me.

It's hard to describe what sort of personality we can see developing in Maeghan. I suppose she's a reasonably tolerant and low maintenance baby. Fairly curious, but I'd say most babies are at this age. Not a real talker, but certainly will have a chat & a chuckle when she feels she has something to say. She doesn't cry very much, mostly shouts at us when she wants attention or food or anything. I didn't even know she could cry tears until she had one of her vaccinations. I would say at this stage that despite how much she looks like Derrick, she has not yet developed his short fuse. Give her time though, she is only 4 months old.

It is incredible how much she does take after Derrick though. The looks & facial expressions are all Derrick. She is still very long for her age, which I can only guess comes from the Curran's side, because the Chiew's do not have any height to brag of. We're yet to see if she gets the Irish freckles. The eye's are still a blue-ish grey. There's no sign of any brown in the eyes, so I assume they'll stay reasonably blue-ish.

Isaac loves to give Maeghan kisses and lays down on the floor next to her. Maeghan loves to watch the kids in whatever mischief they are up to. It won't be long until she is into it as well.
I almost forgot to mention what she can do now. She's found her feet now and is always grabbing them, everything is going into the mouth, but mostly it's her two fingers or whole fist in the mouth. This usually results in another spew. I try to discourage this. It's a bit early in life for her to be developing eating disorders. Maeghan has rolled over a couple of times, but I think she has now determined that it can be done & there's no need to keep repeating old tricks. Despite all of my encouragement she will not roll over again. If she ever has the motivation to do it on a regular basis I'll try to capture it on video for all to see.

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