Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy family...

Another week gone and more photos accumulate in my files. My amateurish photos are usually the ones that make it onto the blog, but last weekend we had professional photography session of Maeghan. This was thanks to the Resmed Christmas party last year where Derrick won a lucky door prize. The photos were supposed to be taken in a park somewhere around Balmain, but due to the ongoing rain we've had lately they were taken in the warehouse studio occupied by the photographer and bunch of other artists. The lights, camera & photographer were all a bit new for Maeghan so I'm not sure we got the relaxed, happy baby shots we were looking for, but I'm pretty sure there'll be some nice ones in there. I'll put a few up on the blog when we get them in a few weeks.

The dogs have well and truly accepted Maeghan as part of the family and generally behave themselves. Podger doesn't seem to mind that Maeghan gets all the attention that he used get. In fact I think he quite likes having the baby and myself around for the company. This quizical look from Podger is due to a little toy that 'meows'.

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