Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Today we celebrated St Patrick's day in Sydney style. We all hopped on a train into the city, watched the parade and then chilled out in Hyde Park to the music of Damien Leith and U2 cover bands. Yes, there was also plenty of Irish Dancers. The parade was "interesting". Lots of counties were represented, even if they were just lads in jerseys walking down the street. We did enjoy the seeing Irish Wolfhounds. They are huge animals!

Maeghan and Derrick were both kitted out in their Irish Jerseys and really looked the part.

The parade started off with St Patrick waving at everyone from a felted green van. I believe they actually ran a competition leading up to the parade for Sydney's best St Patrick look alike. Well, you can make up your own minds on the quality of the competition.

Maeghan enjoyed the parade, but then it was her first ever & she doesn't really have anything to benchmark it against. It was a really good atmosphere and everyone seemed to be in pretty good form.

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