Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Summer Days

We've been back at work for a week or so, which is rather depressing but with the count down on till our trip back to Ireland at least we have something to look foward to. Only 6 months to go. The weather has been blistering hot this week and due to get hotter. The forecast for thursday going to be close to 40.

Our Christmas holidays were spent up the coast at Umina. There is nothing like a lazy week doing nothing but lying on the couch watching the cricket or reading a book. At least once a day we'd drag ourselves into the heat for a swim down at the beach. Maeghan loved the water. The beach is perfect for kids. It's very flat and shallow so really safe to paddle around and play.

I'm so paranoid about getting sunburnt, Maeghan was fully covered up and given no chance of getting a tan. We're still undecided about who's skin tone she has inherited. Despite all of my efforts, she does look like she has a bit of colour and has also developed two freckles! I've tried to wash them off in the bath, but no luck. Here is a collective photo of our family of feet. I'll let you decide who's skin tone she has so far.

The poor dogs never get much peace and quiet when there are kids around. Maeghan has decided that she likes to take the dogs for a walk, so the dogs are often being dragged around the back yard by their lead. Isaac is constantly pushing the boundaries of Podger's tolerance. The poor dog is forever watching his back against Isaacs obsession with picking him up by his tale.

She's such a funny little thing now. A real little personality. Last week she decided to pack her bags and leave home. She went around the house with a bag slung over the shoulder. Picking and choosing which toys were worthwhile packing. Then with a grin and a wave she headed to the door. Just like a real little grown-up heading out for work.

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