Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 08

Christmas morning started for us this year with a respectable 8am wake-up. Maeghan is obviously a bit too young to get too excited about the arrival of Santa and the best Christmas present she could give us was a small lie-in. Problem was, my parents were doing the rounds around the grandkids houses so that they could see the kids open their pressies, were were actually woken by them at 7.45am.

I suppose she must have been good this year because Santa certainly came. There were books, jigsaws and table & chair sets, there were Thomas trains and sand & water tables and not to mention the Christmas stocking full of bits and pieces.

We had to turn our spare room into a toy room just to cope with the overload. Time to start planning that house extension, Maeghan is taking over the space we have.

After breakfast we all gathered over at my parents house for the usual Christmas lunch. Seemed that Santa ran out of space under our tree because he also left a load of present over there as well. Bikes and dolls and more toys!!! If Maeghan was a little bit more interested in the present than ripping the paper off it would have made all those hours shopping worth it. Next time, I'll just wrap a load of empty cardboard boxes and let her go for it.

We of course had the customary baked ham, roast pork and roast chicken and vegies. Since turkey is not a regular tradition in my family, Derrick decided to roast his own turkey for us to enjoy on Boxing day (St Stephan's Day). Kept us going on turkey sandwiches for a week.

Thanks to everyone that sent cards and pressies over to us, Maeghan will have plenty of clothes to wear back to Ireland next July.

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