Wednesday, November 14, 2007

4 weeks old already...

Hard to believe, but the first 4 weeks have flown. There's been lots of eating and sleeping and the occassional whinge, but mostly everyone seems pretty happy. At 3.5 weeks Maeghan has grown to be 56cm long, that's 1cm from birth and gained a whopping 800g.
Here are a collection of photos that we've snapped at random times throughout the last few weeks.
Thanks Aunty Pamela for my cute little squeeky toy.

Dad and Maeghan do scary eyes together. We're not quite sure who Maeghan will take after yet, but she seems to have Derrick's short temper already and will lose it quite quickly if dinner is just not delivered quickly enough.

Trying to find the right time to have tummy time on the floor is a bit tricky, especially when full bellies often come up all over the place. This is a photo from one of the good times. At least dinner came up before we were dressed for the day.

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