Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sculptures by the Sea

On sunday we decided it was time to have our first big family outing to the annual event held on the Bondi coastal walk - Sculptures by the Sea. After a decidedly unorganised start to the morning, we eventually made it on the road. This whole baby thing takes a fair bit more effort to get out of the house than first expected. Funny how much harder it is to get yourself ready when there's a hungry baby to be fed. Anyway, we worked it out and got there in the end.

As expected, the first sunny day after two weeks of solid rain saw every man & his dog out on the walk. Maeghan was firmly bundled up in the baby pouch and we negotiated our way through the crowds. Like the good little girl that she is, she slept right through her first ever cultural experience. The nation's best artists have worked tirelessly on this year's submission & little Maeghan missed it all. We won't be too hard on her, she is only 4 weeks old after all.

Despite our slightly uncoordinated start to the day, overall it was a great day out.

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