Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Elissa & Isaac... the cousins

It's cute the way that even the littlest of kids react to a newborn. Random kids that we come across at the shops point and whisper to their parents... 'look, a baby'. Elissa is very good around Maeghan. She likes to put soft toys in front of Maeghan to stop her from crying and whispers to us that she 'thinks Maeghan likes her', no she 'thinks Maeghan LOVES her'. Which of course she does, or will when she has a little more awareness of the world. She also comments on these cute little things like 'oh.. she's so tiny' and 'she's bewfitul'. I can only guess that she's heard other adults making similar comments and picked them up along the way. Either way, it's quite cute.

Isaac is just funny. Firstly he gets jeolous if Susanne or Nanna are giving Maeghan cuddles instead of him. He even tries to climb up on Nanna's lap as well, just to make sure that he doesn't miss out. Secondly, everytime he sees Maeghan he cries out 'dat' and if we don't respond with something like 'Baby' or 'Maeghan', he then screeches until we say it.

I'm sure there'll be plenty more photos of the kids as time goes on, but here are a few photos from the first few weeks.

Stay tuned for our Santa photos...

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