Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Home Sweet Home

When we decided it was time to extend the family, we also decided that the city apartment probably wasn't going to be big enough to keep us going. So we made the big plunge and bought a cute little house out in the suburbs. We moved into the house in Easter of 2007 and have spent the year getting it ready for the arrival of the baby. Weekend after weekend of renovations I think we can almost say that stage 1 of the project is nearing completion. Stage 2 involves a slightly more ambitious effort of adding rooms onto the rear of the house.

So far, we've pulled out the wall between the kitchen & living room and replaced the kitchen. This photo shows the 'before shot' of the kitchen as my Dad helps us open up the space for the new kitchen. We've finished off the half renovated laundry, repainted the interior and had all the floors repolished. Just in time for summer the pool has just completed it's facelift and due to the efforts of Derrick, we now have a fantastic outdoor entertainment deck all ready for the upcoming bbq season, otherwise known as Summer.

There doesn't seem to be an end to the number of jobs on our list, but then Derrick was just telling me that I'm very lucky to have a husband like him! Hmmm... if he doesn't say so himself. I think based on that statement I'll be able to keep him busy till Maeghan's into the double figures.

Despite all the grief that renovations bring, then end result is definitely worth it. The next two photos show the fruits of our labour. The first is the new kitchen & the second is the new deck that Derrick built in the two weeks that he had off work after Maeghan was born.

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